An account based Land Records Search designed for users who consistently search in Sangamon County.

Laredo’s innovative technology and 24-hour access to Sangamon County’s land records allows you to obtain information faster and more efficiently.


  • Same user interface that is used on the Recorder’s public workstations
  • Real time, 24 X 7 access
  • Customizable results screens
  • Subscription based

Sangamon County Cost Breakdown:

Contact Sangamon County Recorder's Office at 217-535-3140.

To Sign Up:

To become a Laredo Subscriber please contact the Sangamon County Recorder’s Office at 217-535-3140.

To Search:

Once you have signed up, and have been issued a username and password, log onto, click on “Laredo” link to download. Ready, Set, Search!

For More Information:

Contact the Recorder’s office at 217-535-3140 or email at