Land Records Search

Land Records Search

Sangamon County Recorder’s office has made available online the data and document images from December 7, 1983 to present. Deed books have been scanned back to February 16, 1901. Documents may be viewed back to 1901 if you have the document number. You are more than welcome to come visit us and make use of our free public terminals to search information. If this is not convenient listed below are options available to you for searching Sangamon County land records via the internet.

Sangamon County Recorder Remote Access
Search County Land Records 24 Hours a Day!

A charge per Land Records search
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An account based Land Records Search
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Free Data Search
Land Records Data Only Search - No Images

Property Tax Search
Property Tax & Assessment Information

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Ariel view of Sangamon County and Parcel Information

Real Estate Transfer Declarations (PTAX)
An account base of PTAX Images and Spreadsheet of Monthly Sales.

Lien Registry
Illinois Department of Revenue Database for State Tax Liens and Releases